How does your bookin system work?
All jobs are booked in on an appointment basis as technician regularly travels to and from onsite book-in's as required. For those not wanting an onsite appointment, system assessment can be offered via a drop off policy whereby the technician will either travel to your residence to pick up said job or make himself available at local address for customer drop off.
How does your system assessment work?
Customers are charged $50 and then job is then put into a queue system in order of most recent to oldest. Jobs are then worked on from oldest to newest. If your job book-in cannot be worked on immediately an estimated time frame of when the machine will hit the bench will be advised. Priority fees are also available.
How long does it take to fix machines?
If a job is booked in for repair outside of an onsite appointment it is charged at a flat $50 fee and is then booked in for system assessment. This allows the technician to diagnose faults and provide further information on what is wrong with the machine, if it is repairable and allows the technician to quote additional costs to the customer as required. (Please note that any customer book-in’s will remain at a flat $50 fee until customer agree’s to continue the job via phone call or pre-approves a total ammount via bookin form, Feel free to browse our services lists for an estimation of possible charges for machines.)
How much will my pc repair cost?
As listed on the front page of the site, all jobs are booked in under a system assessment of $50. From here we have a preliminary look at the machine in question and then provide additional quotes for repair as needed. No excess charges are given to the customer without proper verbal autherization as the technician will always quote needed charges and then commence further work as needed. Feel free to browse our services lists for an estimation of possible charges for machines
Do you offer mobile support for business’s or clients outside of town?
We currently offer mobile support for any customers however it is subject to a callout fee of $25 for ever 50km outside of gympie. Hourly rates or 15 minute blocks are then charged on top appropriately.
Does your business provide pc parts or new machines?
Yes we have a reliable supplier and can give whole system quotes or quotes for individual system parts such as ram, mainboard etc upon request. For more details please email or browse through the brands below which we are an official reseller.
Being a small business we are currently limited in the prices that we give via written quotes and as such we cannot price match bigger companies that rely on bulk ordering. We are however open to enquiries and strive to keep excellent communications and fast response to all customers with customers in regards to up-to-date pricing or any other questions for requested items.
All quotes are only valid for the date that is written on top of document(s)/materials given. Any price inflations or reductions are then to be readjusted on final payment. For this reason it is important to understand that any quoting done by techician is to be treated as a rough estimate until the customer is prepared to make payment, in which case an accurate figure can be agreed upon in shop or over the phone.
Data backups
Customers are responsible for all data once a job has been finalized. No backups are kept in shop unless the monthly storage plan has been purchased. The technician working on any jobs regarding data transfers will always ensure that as much data from a failing device is copied to a nominated storage drive and will notify customer of what has been transferred on final checkout via written report.
Retreivable Data
When hard drives fail, data recovery may be limited or not possible at all depending on the drives health. Any jobs outside our methods of recovery will then be reviewed via technician and customer and may be sent to ontrack data recovery specialists for further recovery.
Refunds will only be given for parts that test as defective that are untampered or the product is completely unopened and still in packaging in good condition. Refunds will not be issued for any labor intesive jobs, system assessments, virus removal or other services of that nature that require billing of technicians time. Followup jobs may be issued free of charge where warrented, However if it comes in for seperate issues outside what is initially reported by customer, further charges may be quoted. IMPORTANT: A second system assessment should never be charged to customer if followup job is approved.